Saturday, August 23, 2014

They Dont Want My Kind Here

I went walking in the desert
Playing with the stars
The sand between my naked feet
Try'na find my soul

I found a town
The people peered through the windows
They Hid in fear
As anew stranger roamed around here

I say "They dont want kind here"
They see my face and they run with fear
Because I gotta scar and its pretty bad
Because i was friends with a man who sold the poison

They dont want my kind here
Thats my fear through every town that i go through
Its obvious I've got my tracks littering the dirt
They say I'm no good they say I'm wasting my time.

I was friends with the man who sold poison
My favorite pet was the snake in the grass
My sisters were witches who kept my heart in a glass
I was a hot mess, still am, looking a place to land

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